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18. October 2018

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*DC, IL, MD, MA, NY, TX, VA ONLY* Domestic Violence Appeal and Law Enforcement Project (DV LEAP)


[email protected]

DV LEAP represents domestic violence survivors on appeals in the following states: Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, New York, Texas, Virginia and the District of Columbia. They consider all types of DV-related complaints, including civil defence, family law issues (custody, divorce, property, etc.), Hague Convention issues and criminal law issues (e.g. self-defence, admissibility of specialist testimony, etc.) . They sometimes provide amicus summaries of appeals if the party already has a lawyer.

Justice for Abused Women Project (part of the Domestic Violence Resource Network)


(800) 903-0111, Note 1

Phone 2:

(612) 824-8768


[email protected]

The Battered Women's Justice Project staff can provide helpful information about the legal system and references to local and national legal sources. They can help you focus your questions on the criminal and civil justice system, which can make it easier for you to communicate with authorities or courts about your case. They can also refer you to other resources available locally and nationally and explain what they can offer you. Many callers are simply grateful to be able to speak to someone who will listen, understand, and provide feedback and context on their situation. Employees who answer calls are sensitive to the frustrations of abuse victims and make every effort to listen actively and compassionately. Callers may reach an attorney during normal business hours (Monday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 a.m. Central Time) at 800-903-0111, pg 1. You can also contact BWJP atemail contact form.

Domestic Violence Health Resource Center

This national clearing house provides support for those interested in developing a comprehensive public health response to domestic violence across all areas of public health. Provides training resources and materials, technical support, information and recommendations, and templates for local, state, and national health policy development. Part of the National Health Initiative on Domestic Violence, a program of the Family Violence Prevention Fund and part of the Domestic Violence Resource Network.

immigration equality

Direct line:

1 (212) 714-2904

Immigration Equality is the nation's leading organization for LGBTQ immigration rights. They represent and advocate for people around the world who are fleeing violence, abuse and persecution because of their sexual orientation, gender identity or HIV status. The information is available in English, Spanish, French and Russian.

right momentum

Momentum Legal handles a select number of cases each year, including cases involvingTitle IXand also mediates sacrifices. Victims must fill out a found legal aid formHere. Momentum Legal also provides immigration information and support for attorneys representing battered women in immigration cases.

Legal Center for Violence Against Women




[email protected]

The Legal Resource Center Against Violence Against Women (LRCVAW) assists attorneys and advocates with interstate custody issues related to domestic violence. The LRC can also seek to help survivors of domestic violence find legal counsel for interstate custody cases. do theyNOAssistance in international custody cases.

National Chamber for the Defense of Assaulted Women


(215) 763-1144

Phone 2:

800 903-0111 extension 3


[email protected]

The National Battered Women's Advocacy Information Center is a resource and advocacy center for battered women accused of a crime where their history of abuse is relevant (or potentially relevant) to their legal defense. Through its work, the organization aims to increase justice and prevent further victimization of abused women who are arrested, convicted or imprisoned. The staff provides personal technical support to battered women accused of crimes and members of their defense teams (defenders, attorneys, experts and others). Contact them by phone; Receiving group calls from incarcerated abused women at (215) 351-0010.

National Council of Juvenile and Family Judges, Family Violence Project

Phone 2:

(775) 784-6012 Business calls

It runs the Domestic Violence Resource Center and other ongoing projects, including: improving the response of the justice system to cases of domestic violence; provide training for judges and court officials across the country; and developing and promoting model state laws on domestic and family violence.

National Association of Advocates for Victims of Crime

Phone 2:

Attorney Number: 800-FYI-CALL


[email protected]

The National Association of Lawyers for Victims of Crime provides information and attorney recommendations for crime victims who wish to prosecute offenders and responsible third parties.

National Institute for the Rights of Crime Victims


[email protected]

The National Crime Victims Law Institute (NCVLI) connects crime victims with freelance attorneys fighting to defend their rights. They do this through their national network of legal clinics and their National Alliance of Victims' Rights Advocates (NAVRA). They also ensure that all lawyers and advocates can make the best case for the victims they serve by providing technical legal assistance in the form of legal research, writing and strategic advice. They also file amicus curiae (friends of the court) briefs in victims' rights cases nationwide. NCVLI rarely provides legal services directly to victims. When a victim contacts NCVLI, they work to connect that victim with support services in their area and find an attorney in their pro bono group who is willing to provide free or low-cost legal services to focus on active criminal cases and to protect the rights of victims in investigation, prosecution and sentencing. They will then work with these volunteer attorneys to ensure quality advocacy on behalf of the victim. If you are looking for reference help, please fill out the online reference request form on the website.

National Association for Legal Aid and Lawyers

NLADA is the nation's leading advocate for frontline advocates and other equality professionals representing legal aid and advocacy programs, as well as individual advocates.

National Network to End Domestic Violence

The National Network to End Domestic Violence is a coalition and advocacy group of national domestic violence coalitions, affiliated organizations and supporting individuals.

National Domestic Violence Resource Center (part of the Domestic Violence Resource Network)

Phone 2:

TTY: (800) 553-2508

Provides comprehensive information and resources (including videos, publications, and information packs), policy development, and technical support aimed at improving community response and preventing domestic violence.

public justice

This national public interest law firm provides cutting-edge legal briefs and news on issues of public interest including civil rights, elder rights, reproductive freedom, violence prevention and women's rights. This is the only place on the Internet where you can find complete contact information for all attorneys, legal services and poverty alleviation offices in the United States.

Project on domestic violence in The Hague


[email protected]

The Hague Domestic Violence Project provides information for mothers, advocates, judges and advocates involved in a domestic violence case brought under the Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction. Its purpose is to help mothers, advocates, judges and barristers consider a child's exposure to domestic violence as a defense against the child's mandatory return to their country of origin.


The VAWnet Library is an online resource for activists working to end domestic violence, sexual assault and other forms of violence in the lives of women and their children. VAWnet is a project of the Pennsylvania Coalition Against Domestic Violence (PCADV) and the National Resource Center on Domestic Violence (NRCDV).

Vera Institute for Justice

Vera designs and demonstrates solutions, often building non-profit organizations from successful demonstrations, examining current social issues and responses, and providing the advice and support leaders need to transform their own systems. Vera is working on domestic violence as part of her Consulting Nationally project.


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