The Latest War In Ukraine: Ballistic Missiles Fired At kyiv: What The Recent Attacks Tell Us; Zelenskiy aide hints at what peace deal may mean (2023)

  • Ballistic missiles used in a new attack on kyiv
  • What do the recent attacks on the Ukrainian capital tell us? | Sean Bell
  • A couple gets married in a bomb shelter during an air raid
  • Zelensky adviser says peace deal should include demilitarized zone
  • Lukashenko offers "nuclear weapons to all" who join the Russian-Belarusian union
  • Answers to your questions: What are the chances of an eternal war between Russia and Ukraine?
  • Do you have any questions about the war? Ask our experts
  • Live coverage of Katie Williams and (formerly) Bhvishya Patel


According to Ukraine, more than 207,000 Russian soldiers have been killed since the start of the war.

More than 207,000 Russian soldiers have been "eliminated" since Moscow invaded Ukraine, including 430 killed in the past 24 hours, Ukraine's Defense Ministry said.

In its daily update on Russian losses, the ministry said it also destroyed 3,801 tanks, 575 multiple launch missile systems and 331 air defense systems.

The number of drones that Ukraine claims to have destroyed also increased by 61 to a total of 3,054.

Sky News cannot independently verify these figures, and Russia does not publish updates on combat losses.


Zelensky: "Decisions made" on the movement of Ukrainian troops

Volodymyr Zelensky says "decisions have been made" about when Ukrainian troops will advance, another indication that kyiv is ready to launch a long-awaited counteroffensive.

In his evening speech, the Ukrainian president said he met with the military not only to discuss training, tactics and ammunition supply, "but also timing."

“This is the most important thing, the moment when we will move forward,” Zelensky said.

'We will do it. The decisions have been made.

Zelensky also said the US-supplied Patriot anti-missile systems "guarantee 100% interception efficiency" and would help Ukraine conquer Russia.

The president said that with military successes "and our patriots, we must continue to respond to Russia and all its manifestations of evil."

His comments follow a series of day and night Russian missile and drone strikes in Kiev and elsewhere in Ukraine, most of which were intercepted, authorities said.

(Video) Ukraine shoots down 10 missiles, over 20 drones in Russian attacks | Russia-Ukraine War | WION Live

Yuri Ihnat, spokesman for the Ukrainian Air Force, suggested that Patriot systems were behind the interception of Russian ballistic missiles aimed at kyiv in a surprise attack this morning.

"If the Iskander-M missiles are intercepted, conclusions can be drawn about targeted measures, ballistic targets," he told Ukrainian television.


No Russian attacks near Bakhmut, Ukrainian military said

According to the General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, Russian troops did not carry out any attacks around the town of Bakhmut in eastern Ukraine today.

On their nightly battlefieldupdate, the unit reported that no offensive operations were carried out in the surroundings of the besieged city, which was the scene of the longest and bloodiest battle to date.

Russian shells hit the town of Toreck, some 34 km southwest of Bakhmut, killing at least two people, according to local reports (see our 18:35 message).

Wagner's mercenaries claimed to have taken control of Bakhmut just over a week ago, before they began handing over the positions to regular Russian troops, but Kiev says his forces still control a small part of the city.

A senior Ukrainian official said over the weekend that Russian fighters had temporarily eased attacks in and around Bakhmut to regroup and bolster their capabilities.


Zelensky pays tribute to US citizens who fought in the Ukrainian war

Volodymyr Zelensky marked Memorial Day in the United States by paying tribute to American citizens who joined the fight against the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

“Ukrainians will always be grateful to the United States and all Americans for their extraordinary support,” Zelensky said in a video taken outside his Kiev office.

"By remembering the warriors who sacrificed their lives in the name of freedom, we remember why we live, why we live the way we want to, and why our free nations stand."

American citizens were among the thousands of foreign volunteer soldiers who chose to serve on the Ukrainian side during the conflict.

While there are no official figures on the number of deaths in the war, media and other reports put the number of American casualties at nearly 20.

(Video) Russian missile attack on Ukrainian hospital kills at least 2, wounds dozens


A Ukrainian soldier writes a message on a grenade for the Russian armed forces

Ukrainian troops continue to fight from the front lines in the eastern Donetsk region as Russian attacks continue.

Moscow partially controls part of the region and puts pressure on the other half.

In these photos, one soldier writes a message on a howitzer before firing it at Russian positions, while another prepares to launch a reconnaissance drone.


Zelensky adviser says kyiv peace plan is the only way to end the war

A senior adviser to Volodymyr Zelensky said kyiv's proposed peace plan is the only way to end the Russian invasion and the time for mediation talks is over.

Top diplomatic adviser Ihor Zhovkva said Ukraine would not consider a ceasefire that would allow Russia to maintain its territorial gains.

He said that kyiv wants to implement its 10-point peace plan, which requires the complete withdrawal of troops from Moscow.

China, Brazil, the Vatican and South Africa have presented potential peace plans for the conflict in recent months.

But Zhovkva said: "There can't be a Brazilian peace plan, a Chinese peace plan, a South African peace plan when you're talking about a war in Ukraine."

It also suppressed the prospects for Pope Francis' calls for dialogue with Russia.

“In times of open war, we do not need mediators. It is too late for mediation,” Żółkiew said.

The adviser said the reaction to the Ukraine peace plan was positive at the G7 summit in Japan earlier this month, and that "no formula raised any concerns among the [G7] countries."

(Video) Live in Kyiv after Ukraine shoots down 6 hypersonic missiles | Ukraine: The Latest | Podcast


Russian attacks have 'serious psychological consequences' for Ukrainians, says ex-commander

The Russian attacks are having a "serious psychological effect" on kyiv residents, even though deaths in the capital are rare, a military expert has said.

General Sir Richard Barrons, former commander of the UK's Joint Forces Command, told Sky News this was "probably one of the targets" for Moscow forces ahead of a highly publicized Ukrainian counter-offensive.

He said the series of attacks in kyiv "does not cause a lot of death and destruction, but it clearly has a great psychological impact on the population."

Sir Richard added: "Every time a Ukrainian air defense missile launcher fires a missile at a cheap drone, it is one less missile... it is also an attempt to undermine Ukrainian air defence."

The former commander said Russian forces "will do everything in their power to reduce Ukraine's confidence in the counteroffensive" and that the air battle will be "a very important part of what comes next."

Sir Richard also explained that it is difficult to judge a "battle of wills" when it comes to conflict.

“How determined, how resolute will the Russians decide to defend the trenches and trenches when the Ukrainians show up with NATO equipment and all the will to fight that we have seen so far?

"And from the Ukrainian perspective, if they have to attack a well-defended position, will they have the will to continue?"

Sir Richard said that a counter-offensive would be "a costly affair".


See: The moment the rocket debris hit the car in kyiv

Surveillance footage shows the moment debris from the intercepted missile struck traffic on a busy street in kyiv.

As reported, Ukrainian officials said that Russia fired 11 ballistic and cruise missiles at the capital today in broad daylight, all reportedly shot down.

Rocket fragments rained down on the northern and central districts of Kiev this morning, landing in traffic on a city street and setting fire to the roof of a building, the city's military administration said.

(Video) Explosions In Kyiv, Russia’s S-300 Missiles Hit Bakhmut, Patriot Damaged But In “Working Condition”


Two killed in an attack on a town in eastern Ukraine: report

Today we received an update on the death toll from the Russian attack in the eastern Donetsk region of Ukraine.

Earlier, the Ukrainian prosecutor's office said one person was killed when a shell hit a gas station in the town of Toreck.see our 16:05 post).

laterTelegramIn his post, the region's governor, Pavlo Kyrylenko, said two people were killed in the Toreck attacks, which reportedly included high-explosive aerial bombs.

According to Mr. Kyrylenko, a multi-story building was also damaged as a result of the attack.

Eight civilians were injured in the shelling, authorities said.

“Every day the Russians deliberately beat civilians in the Donetsk region,” Kyrylenko told Telegram.

Sky News cannot independently verify reports from the battlefield.


Wagner boss says Bakhmut sparkling wine factory will be handed over to Russia

The head of Wagner's Russian private mercenary group has posted a video of him walking through a sparkling wine factory in the eastern Ukrainian town of Bakhmut.

The ruined city is the site of the longest and fiercest battle of the war, with Russian attacks led by Wagner fighters.

Wagner's founder and financier Yevgeny Prigozhin declared control of Bakhmut earlier this month and said his fighters would begin to cede positions to regular Russian troops.

In a video allegedly filmed today at a sparkling wine factory in the city, Prigozhin claimed that he would hand over the factory to the Russian military.

“Everything clean, all the numbered stalls, all the bottles in their places. On March 8, two trucks (with champagne) were sent to Ukrainian women.

"Everything else is safe and sound," he said.

(Video) After Tanks, UK To Send ‘Storm Shadow’ Missiles With 300 Kms Range To Kyiv? Russia-Ukraine War

Prigozhin also said that the owner of the factory has the right to receive his wine, because "private property is private property."


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