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When looking for an abortion clinic in Toronto, there are a few things to consider. First, make sure the clinic is accredited by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario. Second, check whether the clinic offers all three types of abortion procedures: medical, surgical, and late-term abortion. Finally, read reviews from other patients to get an idea of ​​their experiences.

To help you choose the best clinic for your needs, we've compiled a list of the top six abortion clinics in the city. Every clinic is different, so read each clinic carefully before making a decision. And remember, you always have the right to change your mind.

If you have any questions, please call and speak with a consultant before making an appointment. Here are the six best abortion clinics in Toronto.


  • How much does an abortion cost in Toronto?
  • Best abortion clinics in Toronto
    • 1) Hospital Feminino Bloor West Village
    • 2) choice at health center
    • 3) East End Women's Hospital
    • 4) Planned Parenthood Toronto
    • 5) Cabbagetown Women's Hospital
    • 6) Women's Clinic in Toronto
  • FAQs about abortions
  • Conclusion

How much does an abortion cost in Toronto?

The cost of an abortion in Toronto varies depending on the clinic you choose, the type of abortion and the stage of pregnancy. Generally, medical abortions range from $300 to $800, while surgical abortions range from $500 to $1,500. Late-term abortions can be significantly more expensive, ranging from $2,000 to $6,000.

It is important to note that OHIP covers the cost of surgical abortions performed in a hospital or clinic. In addition, they also cover the cost of Mifegymiso if you have a prescription from your doctor.

Be sure to contact the clinic of your choice for an accurate quote on the procedure you are interested in.

Best abortion clinics in Toronto

When choosing an abortion clinic, it is important to find one that you are comfortable with. Every woman's experience is different and everyone has their own needs. Here are the top six abortion clinics in Toronto based on our research.

1. Hospital Feminino Bloor West Village

Top 6 Abortion Clinics in Toronto [2022] (1)

At Bloor West Village Women's Clinic, they strive to provide a safe and respectful environment for all of their patients. They are proud that this clinic is run by female doctors who understand what makes a woman feel comfortable when she needs medical care!

Its aim has always been to ensure access to all women facing an unwanted pregnancy or the complications of a planned pregnancy. They are known for their compassion, individual attention and quality service.

The cynic performs abortions from the beginning of pregnancy until the end of the second trimester. They offer surgical and medical abortions. All abortion services are strictly confidential and parental consent is not required and information will not be shared with third parties without your written consent.

Post-procedure follow-up and after-hours emergency services ensure you're covered, come what may. Their team is available to answer any questions and resolve any issues during this process to make it easier for you!

The staff at this clinic are open-minded, caring and knowledgeable people who make you feel informed and empowered to make your choice!

Business information:

Telephone: +14168494595
Direction: Toronto West Professional Centre, 2425 Bloor St W #403, Toronto, ON M6S 4W4, Canadá

Customer Review Highlights:

“I recommend this clinic to anyone wanting an abortion, everyone who worked there was very kind and understanding. The surgical procedure was quick, not as painful as I had hoped. Everyone who worked there was AFAB, which made me more comfortable. Visiting this clinic made the whole experience as good as it could have been. Very fast and everyone is very loving and nice. 🇧🇷

for and against

advantageIn contrast
Same-day bookings possibleOnly customers are allowed in practice.
Low prices if you don't have insurance
clinic for women only

2nd option in health clinic

Top 6 Abortion Clinics in Toronto [2022] (2)

Choice in Health Clinic is a clinic that provides safe, quality and comprehensive abortion services. They are committed to creating an inclusive and welcoming environment for everyone who walks through their doors. They treat all women, transgenders and gender biased people and are non-judgmental as they want everyone to feel welcome at the clinic with open arms.

Choice in Health Clinic offers surgical abortions, medical abortions and virtual medical abortions. They are members of the National Abortion Federation (NAF) and adhere to its standards for abortion care. They educate clients so they can make informed decisions and work closely with other professionals to provide the reproductive health services that best suit them (and their needs).

From the moment you walk in everyone has a smile on their face and ready to take care of you! The staff are friendly without being intrusive and that's exactly how you want people to treat you during these trying times. So call them now for the best service!

Business information:
Telephone: +16473703203
Direction: 1678 Bloor St W Unit 301, Toronto, ON M6P 1A9, Canadá

Customer Review Highlights:

“ Fabulous staff. Incredibly and kindly also incredibly compassionate. Wonderful even in the stressful times of a pandemic. Every single person I dealt with was excellent and treated me with the utmost respect. I would recommend him to everyone I know who is in need of abortion services of any kind. 🇧🇷

for and against

advantageIn contrast
easy booking systemclosed on weekends
non-profit abortion clinic
Positive for lesbian, bisexual, gay and queer

3. East End Women's Hospital

Top 6 Abortion Clinics in Toronto [2022] (3)

East End Women's Clinic understands that the decision to terminate a pregnancy can be one of the most difficult decisions you will ever make. That's why, once you've made that decision, they are here to provide you with the best possible care in a confidential, supportive, non-judgmental environment.

You care about your woman's health and want to be sure you're getting the best possible service. They provide comprehensive medical abortion care (medical abortion, abortion pill, or medical abortion) for pregnancies less than 10 weeks pregnant.

They are committed to protecting their patients' privacy and confidentiality and therefore all information about them is kept strictly confidential and is not shared with anyone without the patient's written consent.

All of their doctors are highly experienced in providing abortion services, some even have special training from other specialists! The staff at this clinic are warm and friendly people who will make you feel comfortable from the moment you walk in, which is so rare these days!

Business information:
Telephone: +14169013278
Direction: 520 Ellesmere Rd Suite B14, Scarborough, ON M1R 0B1, Canadá

Customer Review Highlights:

“ Can't say enough good things about this place!! It is clean!! I felt safe in the clinic. The staff is professional and pleasant. I was able to board quickly and was provided with everything I needed to manage my situation efficiently. Thank you East End Women's Hospital! 🇧🇷

for and against

advantageIn contrast
Provides comprehensive medical abortion care.Two appointments are required for a medical abortion.
Confidential, supportive and non-judgmental environment.
Highly experienced and trained doctors and nurses.

4. Planned Parenthood Toronto

Top 6 Abortion Clinics in Toronto [2022] (4)

Planned Parenthood Toronto offers a wide range of reproductive health services, including birth control, IUDs and emergency contraception. They also offer pregnancy tests and options like medical abortion. They will help answer any questions you may have about your sexual, mental and physical health needs for peace of mind!

No matter what your needs are, your doctors will help you and ensure you are welcomed with a smile on your face. Its aim is also to provide young people with the information and skills they need to make informed decisions for themselves. So if you'd like to speak to a volunteer about a question or concern related to your sexual health, trained young volunteers are waiting to help. talk to you live 5 times a week.

They offer a variety of youth workshops in community settings such as high schools, youth homes, group homes, community centers, and recreational settings that promote healthy sexuality and informed decision-making.

They take the time to put your mind at ease, fully update you on everything that's about to happen as you move at your pace, and answer any questions you may have before, during, and after each procedure. So don't hesitate and get in touch. now with them!

Business information:
Telephone: +14169610113
Direction: 36 Prince Arthur Ave, Toronto, ON M5R 1A9, Canadá

Customer Review Highlights:

“The doctor I saw today was very friendly and attentive. The people there are also very nice. I love and respect what they do for people. It is a safe place that offers many things for free or at low cost. 🇧🇷

for and against

advantageIn contrast
accept visitsclosed on sundays
Offer information events
Offers a wide range of treatment options.

5. Cabbagetown Women's Hospital

Top 6 Abortion Clinics in Toronto [2022] (5)

Cabbagetown Women's Clinic is Toronto's oldest women's clinic. Located in a typical downtown home, they hope their patients feel warm and safe when they come for treatment. They offer both the abortion pill (between weeks 4 and 10) and surgical abortion (up to 24 weeks) as long as it is safe and effective.

Her clinic is an independent health center licensed by the Department of Health and Long-Term Care (MOH-LTC) and a member of the National Abortion Federation (NAF), offering women a welcoming space to explore their options and gain attention. you need.

caring, all female staff are experienced in guiding you through this difficult time in your life so that it is less overwhelming, both physically and mentally. They are friendly professionals who are always available to answer your questions about any procedure. So don't worry, you're in good hands!

Business information:
Telephone: +14163230642
Direction: 302 Gerrard St E, Toronto, ON M5A 2G7, Canadá

Customer Review Highlights:

“I am so grateful to the staff at this clinic for creating such a caring, comfortable and safe environment. Regardless of the procedure or reason for going to a women's clinic, it can be stressful and uncertain. At this clinic, everyone I dealt with was kind, thoughtful, and caring. I am so grateful this place exists. 🇧🇷

for and against

advantageIn contrast
same day consultationclosed on weekends
All services are free under OHIP
Provide abortion services up to 24 weeks of gestation.

6. Women's Hospital in Toronto

Top 6 Abortion Clinics in Toronto [2022] (6)

The Women's Care Clinic was created to provide affordable, woman-led care in response to a growing number of long waiting lists at similar clinics across Ontario. The clinic has provided reproductive health services to women since it opened in 1996.

The medical director of the Women's Care Clinic has been providing abortion services for over 25 years and received the NAF's prestigious C. Lalor Burdick Award for unsung heroes of the abortion movement in 1996.

She is the leading expert on longer pregnancies of 16 to 20 weeks (3-day procedure) and medical abortions. The clinic offers surgical abortions and non-invasive medical abortions. Your hospital staff is specially trained to provide compassionate care in an emergency.

They have experience treating patients for nearly two decades and can efficiently guide you through your situation with the knowledge available to them!

Business information:
Telephone: +14162564139
Direction: 960 Lawrence Ave W, Toronto, ON M6A 3B5, Canadá

Customer Review Highlights:

“ The team is patient and warm to people. I feel that they respect me and treat me well. It hurt, but the nurse took my hands and stayed by my side. I feel safe"

for and against

advantageIn contrast
Private clinic with female doctors.closed on sundays
They have a very diverse and multilingual staff.
Your clinic does not require a referral.

FAQs about abortions

The duration of an abortion procedure depends on the type of abortion you have had. Medical abortions can last from a few minutes to a few hours, while surgical abortions usually last from 10 to 15 minutes. Late-term miscarriages can take much longer, depending on the stage of pregnancy.

Most miscarriages are not painful, although some women may experience cramping and discomfort afterward. If you are concerned about how you will feel, talk to your doctor or clinician about available pain relief options.

As with any medical procedure, abortions carry some risks. These include infection, bleeding, and damage to the cervix or uterus. However, these risks are often very small when the procedure is performed by a qualified physician in a clean, sterile environment.

It is not mandatory to see a counselor before having an abortion, but it may be helpful to talk to someone about your decision. Counselors can provide unbiased information about all of your options and help you process any fears or guilt you may have.


If you are looking for an abortion clinic in Toronto, these six clinics will provide you with the best possible care. All of these clinics are accredited by the Ontario College of Physicians and Surgeons. They also offer a variety of services, including pregnancy tests, post-abortion counseling and support.

Remember that all abortions must be performed by a qualified physician. If you are considering an abortion, make an appointment at one of these clinics as soon as possible.


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